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Intellectum's BINA Simplifies Language Processing for Any Industry

Industries That Utilize Intellectum

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  • BINA Relies on a description of the application language, created by a domain expert.
  • BINA generates a language model for the speech recognizer automatically, to focus it on the domain of your application,
  • It is to “teach” BINA your unique professional jargon by adding and changing words. 

High accessibility

  • The development interface of BINA does not require programming expertise.
  • A domain expert can specify the domain language and semantics.

Any language

  • BINA can process text in any language.
  • BINA can process voice in any language for which a speech recognizer is available.

High accuracy

  • BINA creates the optimal transcription from several speech recognizer outputs.
  • Using several ASR outputs reduces errors significantly.

Connect Easily

  • BINA connects with your application on various platforms.
  • You can interface it locally, on-premise or in the cloud.

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